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Common Building Code Questions and Construction Help

The Ontario Building Code requires that any substantial HVAC changes be designed by a qualified designer and any heating appliances must be size according to CSA-F280-12. This is a new standard designed to reduce emissions and improve energy efficiency. Canada HVAC Design specializes in calculating these complex algorithms for you. The calculations done by hand could take over a week to perform!

Q: I applied for a building permit, they said I need heat loss calculations?

Yes, most building permits will require a heat loss / gain calculation. A building permit will not be issued without it in most cases if required. We can help, we can quickly get you the design you need to get that building permit.

Q: Can I put a furnace in an attic?

A: In most cases, no. The law says that only an appliance designed for outdoor temperatures/use can be used outside of a building envelope. Canada HVAC Designs knows how to address this situation, and has several solutions for your specific project.

Q: What is involved in putting in a basement apartment?

A: Canada HVAC Designs can help you with that. We will design the most cost efficient solution for your project,  If the building is less than 5 years old it may need a seperate furnace to comply. However, if older we can quickly add a feature that will allow you to share the furnace between units saving you a substantial amount of money.

Q: What size of ducts do I need for exhaust fans?

A: In Ontario, the duct size for exhaust fans is dictated by part 9.32, Table

Ontario Building Code
As the code requires all ventilation to terminate directly outside the building envelope, the use of charcoal filters or recirculation is prohibited. Kitchen exhaust ducts are required to be constructed of non-combustible ducting.

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