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About Canada HVAC Design

With over a decade of experience in Mechanical Engineering, Drafting, and the HVAC industry, Canada HVAC Design has the experience and technology to meet your specific job requirements.  The original company started with an idea of how to rapidly automate complex algorithms and data compiling via specialized software.  Dissatisfied with the pre-packaged software, a proto type was developed.  After hundreds of iterations, the system was fine tuned and perfected.


Our proprietary software is unmatched in the industry for accuracy and speed.  By investing in technology we can offer unprecendented turn around times on our designs.

Our difference

All designs are drawn by professional draftspersons.  Using ASHRAE drafting standards for optimum readability, our designs are easy to understand and follow good engineering practices.  We eliminate the guess work that comes with installing large ductwork.  All of our drawings are scaled and drawn in AutoCAD to make sure what is on paper works in the field.

Our calculations are arranged and formatted to provide the ultimate in readability.  With our technology, we can significantly speed up the installation process saving our clients money and time.

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