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Building Permit Packages

Everything you need, no hidden fees, no surprises

We provide everything the building permit office will require.  We are BCIN certified, HRAI certified.  We will provide all the forms and plans you need to get your project approved by the building permit office.

DIY friendly

Some home owners prefer to install their ductwork themselves to save money.  Our professionally drafted plans are so easy to read anyone can pick them up and understand them.  Our plans are friendly to those with no sheet metal experience, we can help you get that DIY project done right.

What information do I need to provide for a new home?

Architectural Plans of House
Address of House
Furnace fuel type (Electric, Wood, Gas, Geothermal)

What information do I need to provide for an addition?

Architectural Plans of House and Addition
Furnace Model # or BTU rating
Address and Age of House
Possible on-site consultation required if substantial changes to existing ducts

What information do I need to provide for Electric to Forced Air Conversion

Typically no architectural plans are available, we will need to do an on-site consultation. We will use our precision laser measuring tools to measure your house. Usually only an address and phone number are required. Some restrictions may apply due to location.

Good Engineering Practices We Conform To

Check CSA-F280-12 Residential Heating and Cooling Capacities
Check CSA-F326 Residential Ventilation System Design
Check Ontario Building Code, National Building Code of Canada
Check ASHRAE, SMACNA Drafting Standards
Check HRAI Good Engineering Practices